App Log - Simple Online Logger
Free Download (Open Source License - GNU GPL)

App Log - How can it help you?

Log messages for you and or for any online application that can access the web.
Storing and retrieving your logs can simply be accessed through loading a URL web address.
To start with a free hosting, you will need to use in conjunction with...
- Eclipse IDE for development
- Google App Engine account for production

Immense potential in expanding useful features
- Automate search particular fields in the logs that useful to you
and automate a report through scheduled jobs.
- Data mining with business intelligence applied to find the targeted customers
of common traits.
- and more...

Development - Eclipse 3.4

Help -> Software Updates -> Available Software -> Install... ->

File -> New -> Others -> Google -> Web Application Project

Project Name: App Log
Package: com.example.applog

Project Explorer -> App Log -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries
(Ensure JRE System Library is included to support classes in the code)

workspace/App Log/war/index.jsp (Edit domain to your registered application ID)
workspace/App Log/war/applog.jpg
workspace/App Log/war/favicon.ico
workspace/App Log/war/WEB-INF/web.xml (Edit welcome-file-list)
workspace/App Log/war/WEB-INF/cron.xml

workspace/App Log/src/guestbook/
workspace/App Log/src/guestbook/
workspace/App Log/src/guestbook/

Project Explorer -> App Log -> war -> index.jsp -> Ctrl-F11
Run -> Run As -> Web Application
Project Explorer -> App Log -> Google -> Deploy to App Engine -> App Engine project settings -> Deployment -> Application ID

Production - Google App Engine

Test with "".
Login to Google App Engine account with "".

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